A Framework For Film Education

What is film education?

The nature and purpose of film education has been debated over many decades, as has what we call it.  Is ‘film education’ even the right label anymore, with so many new and exciting ways to consume moving image texts

During 2014-15, Creative Scotland worked with film educators from many other European countries to articulate a Framework for Film Education whose fundamental principles we share and which will continue to guide our work:

  • The importance of implementing an inclusive system of film theory and creative practices, encouraging the widest possible participation in Scotland’s film culture.
  • Recognition of the distinctive elements of film – as artform and text, with its own language, history and aesthetics.
  • The right for all children and young people to experience, learn about and appreciate film through both the formal structures of schooling and the informal environments of home, family and society.

Read the European Framework for Film Education.