Film Access Scotland

A consortium of leading film education, moving image and media access organisations.

Film Access Scotland is the national sector development body representing Film Access organisations and practitioners across Scotland.  The organisations that make up their membership provide opportunities across Scotland, especially to those experiencing disadvantage or exclusion, to participate in and engage with film, using film as an expressive tool to bring about positive and lasting social change.  They work with young people, adult learners, schools, communities and film talent through high-quality, open, inclusive and accessible learning, training and production programmes that enable people to:

  • Enjoy and learn about film and filmmaking as an artform and part of our culture
  • Develop a voice and communicate more effectively
  • Develop personal skills and enhance employability
  • Gain qualifications and advance along formal progression pathways
  • Develop and regenerate communities
  • Improve health and wellbeing.

The members of Film Access Scotland

The founder members of the consortium are shown below, but Film Access Scotland is a new organisation, and a key priority is to grow its membership to ensure everyone in Scotland, but especially those experiencing disadvantage or exclusion, have the opportunity to participate in and experience the transformative power of Film Access activities.

Screen Scotland supports Film Access Scotland to undertake this development work, as well as to lead the Climate Challenge: 1.5° Films, and to deliver an annual film festival for young people. Individual Film Access Scotland member organisations also deliver the BFI Film Academy and Moving Image Arts AS Level (see Qualifications).