In schools

Supporting teachers and pupils to develop their skills in film education.

What can Screen Scotland offer?

Film education is critically important in the learning of young people in the 21st century, not only due to its ubiquity but also because of the enormous power moving images and sounds have over our perception of the world around us.  Film’s importance is recognised in the Curriculum for Excellence, but as it is not taught as a unique subject in Scotland, many teachers lack confidence in teaching about film and filmmaking.  Screen Scotland’s main aim in schools is to help build their capacity and capability in film education, through: 

  • Career-long professional learning in schools 
  • Teacher education programmes 
  • Funding film education practitioners and organisations to deliver projects in schools 
  • The provision of online film education resources.  

A forum for teachers

Screen Scotland also hosts a forum within Glow, Education Scotland’s school intranet which provides: 

  • A networking space for educators who want to share ideas and resources about using film in their classroom 
  • Support from Screen Scotland's Film Education team 
  • News of upcoming film education events 
  • Selected short films with recommended classroom resources to assist teaching. 

The forum can be accessed here: Screen Scotland: Film Education | Microsoft Teams.  If there are any problems in accessing the page, please contact [email protected]