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This section is about our Knowledge and Research work.

About our Research team

The Knowledge and Research team at Creative Scotland supports Screen Scotland by helping to articulate outcomes, set baselines for measurement of impact and develop a monitoring and evaluation framework in line with the Screen Scotland Business Plan.

The team works to ensure Screen Scotland has access to the latest developments in social and cultural research. This includes commissioning research from our own budgets and supporting Screen Scotland colleagues with their own research commissions.

Contracted Research work for 2020/21

Greening Scotland’s Screen Industry research has been undertaken by Creative Carbon Scotland, due for publication later in 2020. This research identified appropriate means, opportunities and instruments for Screen Scotland to promote stronger mitigation of carbon emissions in the screen sector, predominantly in production.

Mapping of the Moving Image Education sector in Scotland research is being undertaken by Edinburgh Innovations Ltd (part of the University of Edinburgh) and is due for publication in 2021. The key purpose of this research project is to form a more comprehensive picture of film and moving image education provision in Scotland.

An evaluation of the Screen Scotland co-funded TRC DEEP programme by EKOS Ltd is being conducted and is due to be published late in 2020. This project aims to assess the value and impact of TRC’s DEEP programme of activities in reference to its own strategic objectives and in line with the needs of the Screen Scotland Partnership.

Screen Data Hub

One of our goals is to develop an externally-focussed Screen Data Hub for Scotland. We are currently in the process of scoping the potential content, function, form, and audiences for a Data Hub with the Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Programme at the University of Edinburgh; beginning with facilitated events to bring together academic expertise and the screen industry to look at how best to meet the needs of the sector. This work will continue in 2020/21 with an options paper being developed in the early part of the year.

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Creative Scotland issue a monthly newsletter highlighting all the latest research work available from both Creative Scotland and Screen Scotland. You can sign up to this newsletter and view previous editions here: Creative Scotland Research Round-Up.

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