Trailblazing Skye film residency to return in 2019

The Young Films Foundation is pleased to announce its second annual Skye residency for June 2019!

Following the success of its inaugural training and development programme in May 2018, the Young Films Foundation is partnering with Screen Scotland, Film4, Channel 4 and MG Alba to offer aspiring Scottish filmmakers a unique opportunity to progress their film and TV projects through an intensive week-long programme of workshops, masterclasses and one-to-one mentoring - led by some of the UK’s foremost practitioners in the Film and TV Industry.

Applications for the second annual Skye Film residency are now open. The selection process will include a review of proposed material and the deadline to apply is Friday 15 March.

The start of the programme is timed to coincide with Young Films presentation of new episodes from its latest series of Bannan at the Edinburgh Film Festival in late June.

Applications open

The application process is open as of 4 January 2019 and the deadline to apply is 15 March 2019. There will be a total of six places available on the 2019 Skye residency. A wide range of film and TV projects will be considered, including feature films, TV drama and comedy.

Further information and full details are available on the website.

"It was a fantastic week - a unique process with inspirational people"

"I left full of encouragement and eager to crack on with my idea and keep working on it.

It was a fantastic week - a unique process with inspirational people. I really feel heartened by it all.

Thanks to everyone at Young Films, to the mentors and to the community in Skye who treated us so well."

Pauline Boyle, YFF Participant, Skye Residency 2018

Producer, Chris Young says the process of setting up the Young Films Foundation has been a "natural progression" - with the first Skye Residency proving to be an "extraordinary success."

"Since relocating to Skye, Young Films has invested heavily in training and development. The creation of the Young Films Foundation was a natural progression from that early investment, and we are pleased to be able to offer through our Skye Residency the resources and support that aspiring Scottish filmmakers need both in advancing their screen projects, and in fully realising their talents for the future.

"The extraordinary success of the inaugural residency in May 2018 proved conclusively that the Foundation has what it takes to play this increasingly important role in the success of the Scottish film industry.

"In my experience investing time, effort and energy in new talent pays dividends. We received nearly a hundred applications for the 2018 Skye Residency, and this demonstrates the considerable need that the training programme is designed to meet: I am tremendously proud of the six participants whom we selected for the first residency, and of the journey they have undertaken since then. They have all made significant progress with their projects and welcome advances in their careers."

More information

Application forms can be downloaded in English and Gaelic from the Young Films Foundation website. For more information, please visit or contact