A spring of Basque cinema in Scotland

The retrospective Basque Spring: Focus on Basque Country will feature over a dozen films screened at historic cinemas and art centres in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

From documentaries to experimental animation, Glasgow and Edinburgh will learn about Basque culture through a retrospective, featuring films from three generations of artists, from the 1970s to the present. The screenings and events will take place in Edinburgh and Glasgow, but the retrospective will also travel to London, Manchester and Leeds from 25 April to 23 May, and will see leading Basque directors, artists and animators attending events in both cities.

Basque Spring: Focus on Basque Country is a programme organised by the cultural platform, CinemaAttic with support from the Etxepare Basque Institute.

The lineup includes Tasio, directed by Montxo Armendariz; Mudar la piel (The Spy Within) by Anna Schulz and Cristóbal Fernández; Vacas (Cows) by Julio Médem; Dantza by Telmo Esnal; El Día de la Bestia (The Day of the Beast) by Alex de la Iglesia; Loreak (Flowers) by Jon Garañano and José Mari Goenaga; El espíritu de la colmena (The Spirit of the Beehive) by Víctor Erice; Obaba by Montxo Armendariz; and No habrá paz para los malvados (No Rest for the Wicked) by Enrique Urbizu.

The year’s best Basque short films will also be screened at Kimuak: Basque Short Film Night, featuring shorts like 592 metroz goiti (Above 592 metres) by Maddi Barber; Ama (Mother) by Josu Martinez; Ancora Lucciole (Still Fireflies) by Maria Elorza; Kafenio Kastello by Miguel Angel Jimenez; No me despertéis (Don’t Wake Me Up) by Sara Fantova; and Zain (Waiting) by Pello Gutierrez.

The retrospective will also include a more playful section, with a nod to Basque gastronomy. In collaboration with LeithLate, a visual arts organisation based in Leith, CinemaAttic will present a Basque Pintxos & Films Crawl in one of the areas in Edinburgh. See the full programme here: https://cinemaattic.com/events/.

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Basque Spring: Focus on Basque Country is supported by the Etxepare Basque Institute. It is part of the umbrella project, #ScotlandGoesBasque, an artistic and cultural programme in which leading Basque creative talent will take part in different events and festivals from now until October.

Scotland is key for sharing Basque culture. Much like the Basque Country, it is a land with a strong sense of cultural identity, a place with proud roots and a passion for projecting its identity to the rest of the world.

#ScotlandGoesBasque was created to forge bonds between the two regions by promoting collaborative efforts by Basque and Scottish creators. The main objective is to build bridges between artists, cultural agents and events in the two regions. Developed by the Etxepare Basque Institute with support from Basque institutions, the project seeks to create bonds through culture, art and language.

From literature to the performing arts to music and film, the Basque cultural cycle in Scotland, #ScotlandGoesBasque, kicked off on 24 January at the international Celtic Connections world music festival and will continue over the coming months with Basque artists and artistic events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as well as academic events at the universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The Scottish public and professionals from the creative, cultural and academic sectors will have the chance to discover the variety and wealth of contemporary Basque culture and creation through forums, performances, gatherings and films, and create a space to exchange ideas with artists and industry professionals.

Etxepare Basque Institute

The Etxepare Basque Institute is a public institution whose main objective is to raise the international profile of Basque culture, art and language. In other words, Etxepare is the global ambassador of Basque culture, promoting the language and Basque artists across all cultural disciplines and expressions. The Institute also seeks to establish dialogue, generate new conversation and bolster exchange with other cultures, promoting cultural diplomacy as a tool for collaboration between nations.

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