Screen Fringe Pilot Programme: Meet our associate, Lizzie Brown

We’re so excited to be teaming up with the world’s largest arts festival – The Edinburgh Festival Fringe – to launch an initiative which encourages the development of new film and TV content.

The aim of this pilot programme, Screen Fringe is to connect film and TV creative producers with Scotland-based theatre and comedy talent, in a bid to capitalise on the growth in the production of high-end TV and film content as a result of the rapid expansion of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon, alongside the recent push for UK public-funded TV and film content to be made outside of London.

Film and TV Producer, Lizzie Brown is leading the work on behalf of Screen Scotland, working closely with the Edinburgh Fringe Arts Industry Office to curate tailored itineraries for individual delegates of shows to attend, talent to connect with, enabling connections between the programme delegates, Fringe artists and industry attendees.

Chatting with Lizzie

We caught up with Lizzie to hear more about her background, role, and what she’ll be looking for at this year’s Fringe.

Lizzie Brown sits and smiles at the camera, sitting on a pink sofa against a white backdrop

What's your role in the Screen Fringe Pilot Programme?

“I am the point of contact for people in the film and TV industry who are attending the Fringe in search of talent, material and IP (intellectual property).

“I’ll be reviewing the Fringe programme to curate a selection of work that is ripe for screen adaptation, which I’ll share with film and TV delegates. I’ll also be able to point people in the direction of particular pieces, once I have a better idea of what different film and TV professionals are looking for.

“We at Screen Scotland and the Arts Industry Office at the Fringe are also arranging some networking events that will help connect the TV and film delegates with a range of key talent at the Fringe.”

Lizzie's background

“I’m a Film Producer, originally from Aberdeenshire and I have my own production company with a slate of TV and film projects—some of which are theatre adaptations from other Fringe festivals around the world.

“I’ve been attending the Edinburgh Fringe for years now, both in a personal and professional capacity. There’s such an incredible range of culture and entertainment to explore.”

Making the Fringe more accessible to the screen industries

“Plenty of film and TV producers already engage with the Fringe to track talent and material but the Screen Scotland pilot this year will involve learning from the screen industries and the Fringe Forward offer to make the Fringe more accessible.

"We’ll also focus on exploring how the programme can be developed to encourage more of the film and TV industry to see the Edinburgh Fringe as a place to engage with and pick up new talent and properties for development.”

Lizzie Brown
Screen Fringe Associate

What are you looking for with this programme?

“This year, because the programme is a pilot, I’m really looking for engagement from the film and TV industry to tell me what they need—so we can facilitate them in the best way possible for the future.

“In exploring the Fringe programme, I am looking for professional shows that have potential for adaptation - keeping in mind what Commissioners, Producers and Acquisitions Executives are looking for - and artists who have a defined voice that would translate into the screen industries.

“I’d love to harness the natural behaviour of recommendations within the film and TV industry professionals; creating a network of people who can share ideas for adaptation and collaboration.”

How can Film and TV Producers and Executives get in touch with you?

“Delegates can get in touch with me via our email,

“I’m happy to answer any questions that they may have and am keen to chat more about how the programme can best work for the industry. I look forward to meeting everyone!”

More information

Find out more about the Screen Fringe pilot programme here:

Header Image: Cristian Ortega and Lorn Macdonald in BEATS, a film adaptation of Kieran Hurley's original play which previously showcased at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe