Glasgow Short Film Festival announces 2020 programme and explores the politics of place

Glasgow Short Film Festival today announced its 2020 programme, the festival’s first as an independent charitable organisation.

View the Glasgow Short Film Festival programme

Although GSFF is a celebration of short film, this year’s edition opens with a feature-length live performance, and there are no less than three feature films dotted about the programme.

From an interactive walk through an online shooter game environment to a focus on intimate, humorous, playful and radical stories which subvert stereotypes of Northern Ireland’s Troubles, a timely showcase of some of the best films being made in contemporary Europe, live music events, screenings and workshops for children and families, two programmes of competition screenings taking in over fifty short films, and 180 films screening in total, the festival, which was last year named one of MovieMaker’s ‘Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals In The World’, packs a phenomenal amount into a five-day programme.

International filmmakers Zia Anger, Marie Loisier and Sorayos Prapapan, and cult electronic musician Felix Kubin are among the guests attending the festival to present their work this year.

GSFF has a focus on ideas of place throughout the programme this year. As GSFF Co-Director Sanne Jehoul explains:

“In our first year as an independent organisation, and in a ceaselessly contested socio-political landscape, putting together a programme exploring how the histories and realities of the spaces we live in and move through impact us felt like the right thing to do.

We hope Glasgow audiences will find a lot to respond to and engage with in the programme, from intimate accounts of Northern Ireland’s Troubles, an uncompromising examination of Black communities’ relationships to landscapes, in a live tour through a dystopian replica of New York City, and in Sorayos Prapapan’s gentle critiques of a corrupt and militaristic Thai society.

We’re also proud to present some of the best new Scottish short films, as well as a fantastic selection of fresh work from around the world, with 23 countries represented in our International competition.”

The full programme, including both competition selections, is available to view at

Image courtesy of Glasgow Short Film Festival