IFP Week - Call for Scottish Producers

Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) are pleased to continue their partnership with IFP in Brooklyn, New York and are seeking expressions of interest from producers who would like to be selected for a place at IFP week this September.

EIFF will be supporting two projects to take part in IFP 2020, one fiction feature and one documentary project, and are looking for exciting Scottish talent with new projects that will be of interest to the US and international industry taking part.

IFP champions the future of storytelling by connecting artists with essential resources at all stages of their career and projects’ development. IFP fosters a vibrant and sustainable independent creative community, represents a growing network of storytellers around the world, and plays a key role in developing 350 fiction and non-fiction works each year.

IFP week takes place from 20 - 24 September 2020 with a week of meetings, screenings, talks and exhibitions centred on cutting-edge independent content for the big screen, small screen and internet.

Supported by Screen Scotland, EIFF is a presenting partner for the IFP Project Forum, a meetings-driven forum connecting new narrative and documentary projects in development, production, or post-production with key industry executives interested in identifying projects for development, financing, or distribution stages.

EIFF are seeking both narrative feature film projects and documentary features or series to apply for a place on this unmissable event which brings the international film and media community together to celebrate diversity in storytelling, advocate for the most exciting new work being produced and introduce new voices on the independent scene.

An image of a rooftop cinema screening of a movie being shown in Brooklyn, and words emblazoned over the image saying 'IFP Week'

Feedback from previous participants

"We were amongst such a high calibre of projects and filmmakers from around the world; it has further encouraged us to actively pursue co-producing opportunities and realise the standard of projects that will stand out on the international stage."

"I think a partnership with such a good market can only be a good thing for the Scottish film sector: by raising the profile of EIFF and Scotland on the international market and clearly demonstrating that the sector is open to international partnerships, opportunities and inward investment, as well as giving filmmakers like ourselves the opportunity to act as ambassadors for the Scottish film sector."

How to apply

No Borders: This programme offers narrative feature film projects the opportunity to attend IFP 2020. Applications must be submitted by Thursday 21 May. For more information and details on how to apply, please visit: https://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/no-borders

Spotlight on Documentaries: This programme offers documentary projects the opportunity to attend IFP 2020. Applications must be submitted by Thursday 21 May. For more information and details on applying, please visit: https://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/ifp