Covid-19: Screen Training Alliance

A partnership of industry based training providers with a strategic approach to the skills development of Scotland’s screen sector.

Providers of Scottish screen training have joined together to create a directory of resources for online courses and workshops available during Covid-19. This list will be updated on a weekly basis.

COVID-19 Training Resources

NFTS Scotland Sessions: Money and Creativity in Film and TV with Bob Last

Date: Monday 29 June

Award-winning producer, Bob Last explores the crucial relationship between money and creativity in screen production:

NFTS Scotland Sessions: Tips for Running Successful Auditions with Michael Hines

Date: Wednesday 1 July

There are many ways to run and audition. Michael will take you through one way that will work for what you need:

Research Skills | BECTU Vision

Date: Wednesday 1 - Friday 3 July 2020

All the key skills you need to be a first-rate tv and production researcher, taught over three mornings:

NFTS Scotland Sessions: Storytelling with Sound - Sound Design and Demystifying Soundtracks with Ania Pryzgoda

Date: Friday 3 July

Award-winning sound designer, Ania Pryzgoda explores how the use of sound and music amplifies, shapes and alters narrative:

Introduction to VFX: Online | NFTS Scotland

Date: Monday 6 - Friday 10 July

In this short five-day course, Andrew Schlussel, Global Talent Development Manager for Framestore, introduces you to the world of visual effects, how to make them and how they are used in film and television. It is an introduction to the visual effects pipeline through hands-on creation… of a hand:

Post-Production Demystified: Online | NFTS Scotland

Date: 7 - 8 July

Understand the processes involved in post-producing film, TV and media content:

NFTS Scotland Sessions: Making a Living in Library Music with Chris Tolley

Date: 13 July

Composer Chris Tolley shares his experience in the workings of the lesser known but potentially lucrative library music industry:

Composing for Film and TV: Online | NFTS Scotland

Date: 20 and 27 July

Aimed at those with experience in music composition and creation who are interested in composing specifically for film and TV, this practical and interactive course gives participants the opportunity to write and showcase short scores for contemporary film and media content and receive expert feedback in a peer learning environment:

A World of Locations on your Doorstep | NFTS Scotland

Date: 28 July

This one-day online workshop will teach you how to see filming possibilities in the locations around you by focusing on options for some of the types of locations most often requested: differing periods in time, other cities of the world and substituting one place for another:

Filming in Historic Places |  NFTS Scotland

Date: 4 August 2020

Aimed at anyone interested in discovering how to successfully blend a film crew with an historic property, this one-day online workshop is for those either already working in the Film and TV industry, keen to start their career in the Locations department or who are simply interested in learning about what goes on behind the camera: