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Screen Scotland Newsletters

November 2021

In our November newsletter, we bring you the latest from the BAFTA Scotland Awards 2021 and news on some proposed changes to our Film Production and Development Fund which we're seeking your feeback on. We also have a variety of exciting industry opportunities to check out such as the chance to train on Outlander Series 7.

October 2021

The October newsletter is jam-packed with the latest news from Screen Scotland including the BAFTA Scotland 2021 nominations as well as a selection of industry opportunities currently available. We also highlight a selection of upcoming climate-focused film screenings and events taking place in the COP26 Green Zone next month.

September 2021

September's newsletter has all the latest announcements across Scotland's screen sector including details about a new feature film being shot in the Outer Hebrides. We also have a range of exciting industry opportunities and development programmes to apply, plus an opportunity to have your say by taking part in a couple of Creative Scotland commissioned research opportunites.

August 2021

In the August newsletter, we bring you all the details about an exciting new climate filmmaking challenge, the latest film festival programme announcements including Take One Action and Screenplay, plus a selection of industry opportunities to help kickstart your career in the screen sector.

July 2021

In July's newsletter, we bring you the latest screen sector news, including updates on the Edinburgh International Film Festival screening schedule as well as the announcement that a TV adaption of Neil Gaiman's novel Anansi Boys will shoot in Scotland. We also have some exciting industry opportunities and information about our latest feature interview with film critic, Jennie Kermode.

June 2021

This month's newsletter includes the exciting announcement that Good Omens (Series 2) will be filmed entirely in Scotland as well as news about the Scottish filmmakers and films featured at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Plus, we have the latest industry opportunities from the sector and a list of environmentally focused film events and projects that are paving the way for a more sustainable world.

May 2021

With the exciting news of cinemas re-opening across Scotland this month, we've got information on the recipients of the Independent Cinema Recovery and Resilience Fund and an A-Z of Independent Cinemas to visit, industry opportunities such as the BFI's Step Up Programme, research updates including two PhD opportunities, and some shout outs for various achievements from the sector.

April 2021

In the April newsletter we've got the latest Screen Scotland news including the Youth Climate Film Project and production starting on Float, some funding and development opportunities from the sector, and a guide to what you can see at a variety of film festivals taking place this month including CPH: Dox and Alchemy11.

March 2021

March's Newsletter shares the BFI and BAFTA's next stage of work to tackling bullying, harassment and racism in the workplace, which Screen Scotland fully supports. We cover news of the Scottish Drama Writers’ Programme 2021, the BBC's new Across the UK strategy, and an executive summary of a study of the value and impact of FOCUS business support, which we commissioned Ekos Ltd. to carry out.

February 2021

This month we welcome Scottish Government news of additional support for creative freelancers in the arts, screen and creative industries. We highlight our newly commissioned impact study to assess the value of Scotland's screen sector, the chosen participants for two fantastic development programmes, Scottish wins at this year's BIFA Awards, and more.

January 2021

Our latest issue includes news of our Access: Scotland initiative, Screen Scotland supported films at Glasgow Film Festival, TRC's rad training programme, and an exciting trailer for feature film Falling for Figaro from Black Camel Pictures.

December 2020

In the December newsletter, we had an end of year message from Creative Scotland CEO, Iain Munro. We shared the eight filmmakers selected to take part in GMAC Film's Little Pictures programme, shooting news for feature film The Origin, and information about Short Circuit's new programme Convergence. A big shout-out to BAFTA Scotland winners in this issue, after the digital awards ceremony on 8 December.

November 2020

Lots of #FilmInScotland highlights in this issue with Amazon Original series The Rig announced to shoot in Scotland, along with Tetris: The Movie, which is co-produced by Scotland's Gillian Berrie. We call for proposals for our new strategic development initiative in partnership with Sky Documentaries.

October 2020

In October, we announced the independent production companies who will benefit from our funding partnership with Channel 4, as well as information about our Screen Hardship Fund applications and the online directory of courses and workshops created by the Screen Training Alliance.

September 2020

In our first Screen Scotland newsletter, we announced our new Screen Hardship Fund and the appointment of three new strategic roles in the Screen Scotland team. We shared the news of the nine films selected to be produced through the Short Circuit scheme, Sharp Shorts, and lots of great festival news for Scottish films.