Screening Shorts

The home for educators looking to explore film and screen in the Scottish classroom.

Film and screen in the Scottish classroom

Film and screen education is critically important in the learning of young people in the 21st century, not only due to its ubiquity but also because of the enormous power moving images and sounds have over our perception of the world around us.

As such, Screen Scotland’s Education team want to help Scottish educators build their capacity and capability in this area, including through the provision of online education resources on our website Screening Shorts.

Screening Shorts is the only film and screen education website designed expressly in line with the Scottish curriculum and is packed with resources for educators looking to engage their pupils. 

Introduction to Screen Education

The Screen Education section offers an accessible guide through your first steps into film and screen, including introducing the 3Cs approach (Critical, Cultural and Creative) and outlining key screen language areas such as narrative, mise-en-scène, camerawork, editing and sound.

Short film library

Short films are an ideal way to start teaching about film and screen, and Screening Shorts has over 100 short films for pupils from Early Years to Senior Phase.

Each film comes with a suggested set of 3Cs activities, all created by teachers and screen education practitioners. 

Learning and teaching resources

Screening Shorts also has an extensive library of activities and resources for educators to bring straight into the classroom.

These have been designed for use from Early Years to Senior Phase and cover introductory tasks, such as comparing books and films, to more advanced concepts like studying shots in sequence and writing critical essays. 

You will also find:

  • Guides to filmmaking in the classroom and other creative activities.
  • National 3, 4 and 5 Literacy units using short film.
  • Resources that bring film and screen into the school library.
  • A definitive film and screen glossary.
  • Links to websites that can support screen education work.

Where to find the Screening Shorts website

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