Scottish Enterprise

Scotland’s main economic development agency.


Scottish Enterprise is Scotland’s main economic development agency. Our role is to

  • Deliver economic growth for Scotland
  • Provide tailored support and access to global industry networks
  • Encourage and secure international investment in Scotland
  • Help Scottish businesses grow
  • Support projects that improve Scotland’s economic performance

We have a significant role in the governance of the Screen Unit and we contribute resources to support the work of the Screen Unit Project Board.

We support companies in the screen sector through a range of initiatives such as supporting companies with growth ambitions and working alongside Screen Unit partners and the public sector broadcasters to ensure Scotland develops the companies of scale we need.  Our role is also to consider the infrastructure needs of the sector, collaborating with our partners to help businesses develop leadership skills, for example by delivering a dedicated business development programme in partnership with Creative Scotland, and helping screen companies to flourish and contribute to Scotland’s economic success.

Companies in the screen sector are eligible for all of our services.

Key aspects of Scottish Enterprise's offer include:

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