Other Funding & Support

Some useful links to other sources of funding and support.

Screen Scotland, as well as providing funding for audience development, works alongside a number of organisations who share the same goal: to realise the potential for the provision of high quality cultural cinema provision for a diverse audience.

These organisations are very useful if you'd like to find out more about support for audience development.

British Film Institute (BFI) is committed to giving everyone, everywhere in the UK the opportunity to enjoy and learn from the richest and most diverse range of great British and international filmmaking, past, present and future.

Using funding from the National Lottery, the BFI Audience Fund (which replaces the separate Distribution, Film Festival, Programming Development and Neighbourhood Cinema Funds which ran until March 2017) is central to this commitment.

Underpinned by BFI's desire to boost diversity and inclusivity, this fund seeks to build a broad film culture across the UK which recognises and values the quality of difference and seeks to rebalance under-representation on screen, in the workforce and in audiences.

Cinema For All offers free advice and support for anyone thinking about screening films in their local community. The organisation supports societies of all shapes and sizes, so whether you've been screening films in your community for many years, or are just thinking about setting up, Cinema For All can help you along every step of your journey.

Creative Europe's Europa Cinemas Network is a cinema network focusing on European films.

Its objective is to provide operational and financial support to cinemas that commit themselves to screen a significant number of European non-national films and offer events and initiatives as well as promotional activities targeted at young audiences.

The Europa Cinemas network screens European films in 1,050 cinemas, in over 600 cities of the 34 countries participating, representing approximately 20% of first-run cinemas in Europe. There are 46 Europa Cinemas in the UK, representing nearly 100 screens, 70% of which are outside of London.

The Europa Cinemas network aims to:

  • Increase and diversify programming in cinemas for European films and raise attendance for them, with a priority on non-national films
  • Encourage European exhibitors in their initiatives to attract young audiences
  • Develop a network of cinemas that can set up joint activities at the national and European level
  • Encourage innovation in the promotion of films and communication with audiences.

Film Hub Scotland is part of the BFI’s Film Audience Network, and receives funding and support from the BFI and Screen Scotland. Film Hub Scotland is one of eight hubs set up across the UK to extend film choice, increase and broaden film audiences and enhance opportunities for audiences to engage with and learn about film.

Supporting a network of like-minded film exhibitors – from film societies to multiplexes – Film Hub Scotland works alongside partner organisations to better understand and serve Scotland’s diverse population.

By providing Hub members with a range of funding opportunities, screening programmes, training, networking events and audience research, Film Hub Scotland’s support helps Scotland’s exhibitors become truly inclusive, reaching as many new and existing audiences as possible.

Film Hub Scotland is led by Glasgow Film, with funding from the BFI and Screen Scotland.

The Independent Cinema Office’s mission is to develop an open, challenging and thriving film sector.

They are are the UK’s national body that supports independent cinemas of all forms, dedicated to giving everyone access to cinema that nourishes the soul and changes lives.

Regional Screen Scotland works with communities across Scotland, which have no access – or only very limited access – to the full range of screening possibilities.

Regional Screen Scotland helps communities to enjoy great screen experiences by:

  • Providing advice and information on setting up local screen facilities
  • Operating the Screen Machine mobile cinema
  • Managing a grant aid fund for local film festivals across Scotland
  • Advocating for the social and economic benefits of cinema for local communities

Regional Screen Scotland also provides information, advice, contacts and support to both individuals and organisations seeking to develop opportunities for cinema-going in their communities.