A Draft Film and Screen Curriculum for Scotland

Embedding film and screen education in Scottish schools.

As part of their commitment to education, Screen Scotland aim to embed a film and screen curriculum across Scottish education from early years to senior phase, situated within the Expressive Arts curriculum. 

Film and Screen as an expressive art focuses on enabling pupils to make a film, rather than solely study the history or theory of film. This is core to Screen Scotland’s work to widen participation in film and screen production, cultivate a skilled screen workforce, and develop the screen professionals needed to carry forward Scotland’s film culture.  

Designing the Curriculum

In July 2022, a symposium, hosted and facilitated by Screen Scotland, was attended by academics, professionals from across early years, primary, secondary and tertiary education, and screen access and education practitioners, joined by colleagues from the SQA, Scottish Government and Education Scotland.  A draft Film and Screen curriculum was developed, detailing content for each age and stage of school education.  In 2023, a draft 21-credit Film and Screen Award for Levels Five and Six was developed by the SQA in collaboration with Screen Scotland.

Screen Educator in Residence pilot programme

The Screen Educator in Residence (SEIR) programme placed screen practitioners in schools within five Scottish local authorities to test and evaluate both the draft Film and Screen Curriculum for Scotland and the SQA Level 5 and 6 Film and Screen Awards, as well as support the integration of film and screen as an expressive art into the national school curriculum. 

The programme, which is free to schools, was launched in February 2023 and runs until June 2024, engaging with each stage from early years to senior phase.  The five areas are Argyll and Bute, City of Edinburgh, Dundee City, the Highlands and Shetland.

The Screen Educator in Residence programme is managed by Station House Media Unit with support from Screen Scotland’s Education team.  Mindful of the position of flux across Scottish education, Screen Scotland are working closely with SQA and Education Scotland colleagues to ensure a collaborative and responsive approach.