Film Education

Screen Scotland is committed to improving the provision of film and moving image education in every context, increasing its reach, depth and inclusivity.

What is film education?

Put simply, film education (also known as moving image education) develops film literacy - the ability to read, write, talk and listen with moving images and sounds – alongside critical, cultural and creative knowledge and skills.  Through the study of film, we can learn not only about technical aspects of filmmaking and the industry, but also about the world we live in, the people within it, and ourselves.   

A European Framework for Film Education

During 2014-15, Creative Scotland worked with film educators from many other European countries to articulate a European Framework for Film Education whose fundamental principles we share and which will continue to guide our work.  This framework is organised around six fundamental goals.  Learners will:

  • Understand what is specific and distinctive about film. 
  • Know that film is both collectively and collaboratively, as well as personally and individually, produced and consumed. 
  • Personally engage with film from a critical, aesthetic, emotional, cultural and creative perspective. 
  • Regularly access a wide variety of film and film forms. 
  • Develop an awareness of the social and historical context to film. 
  • Be able to reflect upon the different ways of experiencing, exploring, and learning about film.

Putting film education at the heart of learning for all

The moving image dominates global culture and communications, and these are essential capabilities for understanding and participating in the complex world we live in, yet film education remains relatively marginal in most education systems and practices around the world.  Scotland is no exception, despite the inspiring work of many teachers, educators and policy makers over many years.

Working with partners and educators, Screen Scotland aims to inspire and equip people across Scotland to be able to access, enjoy, understand, create, explore and share film and all other forms of the moving image throughout their lives, putting film education where it belongs, at the heart of learning for all.  And, for some, film education can be a first step to inspiring and enabling young people to seek a career in the sector, or to deploy their skills in other fields.

Film Education Partnership Fund

We support film education in several contexts, including schools, teacher professional development, public libraries, film access organisations, cinema venues and other contexts. Our work in future will seek to strengthen collaboration across these sectors, including through the Film Education Partnership Fund