Film Education

Find out more about Screen Scotland’s contribution to the development, understanding and practice of moving image education.

Putting film education at the heart of learning for all

The moving image dominates global culture and communications, yet film education remains relatively marginal in most education systems and practices around the world. Scotland is no exception, despite the inspiring work of many teachers, educators and policy makers over many years.

Working with partners and educators, Screen Scotland aims to put film and moving image education where it belongs, at the heart of learning for all, in formal and informal education.

Our aim is to inspire and equip people across Scotland to be able to access, enjoy, understand, create, explore and share film in all its forms throughout their lives: these are essential capabilities for understanding and participating in the complex world we live in.

For some, film education can also be a first step to inspiring and enabling young people to seek a career in the sector, or to deploy their moving image skills in other fields.

We support film education in several contexts, including public libraries, teacher professional development, the Film Access Network Scotland (FANS), and cinema venues.

Our work in future will explore potential synergies across these sectors.