16 Years Till Summer

When Uisdean returns home to nurse his dying father, after spending 16 years in prison, he attempts to re-build a normal life in his home village.

Year: 2015

Director: Lou McLoughlan

Producers:Hlin Johannesdottir, Lauren Fox

Writing Credits: Lou McLoughlan

Principal Cast: Uisdean Mackay, Calum Mackay


Set in the healing and beautiful landscape of the Scottish Highlands, 16 Years Til Summer explores themes of redemption and trust. Uisdean wants forgiveness. After 16 years in prison, he’s released to the Highlands to balance his crofting dreams against obligations to care for his father. It takes an extraordinary love story to elude growing accusations in a film that drifts effortlessly between two opposing portraits of the same man: carer or murderer? 

16 Years Til Summer tells a very human story of euphoric hope set against documented tragedy in a film about what gets sacrificed when people need to see the best in each other.

Filmed over four years, compelling storytelling and stunning imagery pit the needs of the heart against the rational judgement of society in a documentary about redemption, interrupted, in the Highlands of Scotland.