Expensive Shit

Tolu, a toilet attendant, manipulates unsuspecting women for men behind the mirrors. Tonight, she is forced to choose between saving herself or harming a punter.

Year: 2020

Writer/Director: Adura Onashile

Producer: Rosie Crerar

Co-Producers: Ciara Barry, Wendy Griffin

Principal Cast: Modupe Adeyeye, Kim Allan, Nebli Basani, John McLarnon


In a Glasgow nightclub, Tolu, a Nigerian toilet attendant, desperate for survival manipulates the behaviour of unsuspecting women for the titillation of men watching behind the mirrors. Tonight a line has been crossed and she is forced to hand out a drugged bottle of water. Tolu struggles with the choice she has to make when Louise, a regular punter, and the only person that Tolu has a connection with becomes the target and is drugged. As the night spins out of control, Tolu, unable to live with what she has done, finds the strength to change everything.

More information

Expensive Shit is produced by barry crerar, developed through the Scottish Film Talent Network programme and co-funded by BBC Films. The film will screen on BFIPlayer as part of its BFI London Film Festival selection, where it is in competition for the Virtual Best Short Film Audience Award.

Header Image Credit: Brian Sweeney