Stockholm My Love

A woman travels through Stockholm on a journey of recovery to find peace and understanding from something bad that happened to her a year earlier.

Director: Mark Cousins

Producer: Anita Oxburgh, Mary Bell, Adam Dawtrey 

Executive Producer: Mark Thomas, Nichola Martin, Lisa Widen, Lizette Jonjic 

Screenwriter: Mark Cousins, Anita Oxburgh

Music: Neneh Cherry, Benny Andersson, Franz Berwald

Principal Cast: Neneh Cherry 


Acclaimed documentarian Mark Cousins moves into fiction with this intriguing musical film, perhaps best described as a city symphony.  

'Stockholm My Love' follows the footsteps of Alva Achebe (Neneh Cherry), a Swedish architect fascinated by the way buildings influence lives, but haunted by a tragic event in her past. One year ago, Alva was involved in a car accident, and ever since, her trauma has held her hostage in her daily life. On the anniversary of this shocking event, she’s at breaking point and can’t face the day ahead, so tries to get lost in the historic city of Stockholm. But her wanderings only draw her back towards her past, and the site of her tragedy. There she starts to take her first hesitant steps towards recovery.


Official Selection BFI London Film Festival 2016 - Journey Strand - World premiere

Theatrical Release: Summer 2017

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