The Dark Mile

Two women, recovering from personal tragedy, take a boat trip through the Scottish Highlands. After a run in with the locals, their relaxing break soon descends into a hellish ordeal.

The Dark Mile Film Poster

Director: Gary Love

Producers: Melanie Dicks, Dorian Healy, Gary Love

Executive Producer: Robert Stubbs

Screenwriter: Gaby Hull

Principal Cast: Sheila Hancock, Finlay MacMillan, Deirdre Mullins, Paul Brannigan, Rebecca Calder, Marcia Rose, Elaine M. Ellis, Harmony Rose Bremner


Claire and Louise travel from London to the Scottish Highlands, both of them coping with personal tragedy, both of them running from the past. While the placid atmosphere suits Louise, Claire longs to return to the modern world. During their stay, both their relationship and physical safety is threatened by their surroundings.