The Fall of Sir Douglas Weatherford

An aging tour guide has his world upended when a big-budget fantasy TV show begins filming in his remote Scottish village.

Director: Sean Dunn 

Writer: Sean Dunn 

Producers: Alex Polunin, Scott Macaulay and Jennifer Monks 

Main Cast: Peter Mullan, Jakob Oftebro and Gayle Rankin 

Sales Agent: Charades 

Screen Scotland support: The film received funding through Screen Scotland's FIlm Development and Production Fund. 


Kenneth (Peter Mullan) works in the Arberloch visitors centre as a tour guide, dressing up as the town's most notable historical figure, Sir Douglas Weatherford, an 18th century philosopher and inventor who Kenneth proudly claims as his ancestor. When the village becomes the base of a big-budget fantasy TV show, The White Stag of Emberfell, the visitor center is transformed into an Emberfell fan experience. 

With the show's costumed fans descending on the town, Kenneth's sanity crumbles as the traditions he holds dear are casually dismissed — a mental decline his daughter Anna (Gayle Rankin) attributes to grief over the loss of his wife. Kenneth's crisis takes an even darker turn when his ire becomes fixated on the show's handsome star, Oscar Sorenson (Jakob Oftebro). The Fall of Sir Douglas Weatherford is a dark comedy exploring the thin line between history and fantasy.

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The Fall of Sir Douglas Weatherford has been selected as part of the Great 8 showcase, which takes place in the run-up to the 2024 Cannes Marché.


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Still from The Fall of Sir Douglas Weatherford, credit Saskia Coulson