The Party's Just Beginning

A young woman from Inverness struggles to deal with the suicide of her best friend.

Year: 2018

Directors: Karen Gillan

Producers: Claire Mundell, Mali Elfman

Executive Producers: R. Andru Davies,  Albert Gersten,  Sloan Martin, Boman Modine, Tien-Huei Grace Yeh

Screenwriter: Karen Gillan

Principal Cast: Karen Gillan, Lee Pace, Paul Higgin, Siobhan Redmond, Jamie Quinn, Rachel Jackson

World Premiere: 24 February 2018, Glasgow Film Festival


The Party's Just Beginning follows a young woman, Liusaidh, from Inverness, who is dealing with the suicide of her best friend. Liusaidh tries to cope by binging on alcohol, sex and late-night junk food, while visions of her friend’s dying image plague her waking life. The film centres around loss, grief, and survivor's guilt.

Karen Gillan's debut feature as writer and director stars Lee PaceMatthew BeardPaul Higgins and Siobhan Redmond. The film received its world premiere at Glasgow Film Festival and American premiere at Tribeca Film Festival. The Party's Just Beginning is produced by Synchronicity Films.