An Clò Mòr Series 2

BBC Alba drama An Clò Mòr, based around a Harris Tweed mill, returns to screens in 2024 for another gripping series.

Director: Tony Kearney

Exec Producer: Tony Kearney, Jim Webster, Bill Macleod, Sean Greenhorn

Production company: Solus Productions

Cast: Ewan MacKinnon, Erica Morrison, Fredrik Malte Petersen

Screen Scotland support: The production accessed £450,000 through Screen Scotland’s Broadcast Content Fund to support this vital Gaelic drama, creating opportunities for creative and technical talent in Stornoway. Screen Scotland also provided £120,000 funding support to a trainee programme on the production, creating an important opportunity to grow the crew base in Stornoway. 


Set around the traditional but troubled Hebridean family-run tweed mill ‘Muileann Mhicsuain’, An Clò Mòr is a bold tale of passion, rivalry and intrigue centring on a family on the brink of collapse.

Series 2 follows the revelations and surprises of Series 1 which left viewers on a cliff-hanger over the fate of the MacSween family, their business and their community.

With its strong characters, colourful vistas and bold storytelling, Series 2 opens on a knife edge when mill owner Seumas MacSween collapses and we flashback six hours earlier to reveal a family torn apart as lies and betrayals are exposed.

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Release date: The first episode of Series 2 of An Clò Mòr will air on BBC ALBA at 9pm on Monday 8 January 2023 and will be available on BBC iPlayer.