Float Series 2

Set in a small town in Scotland, Float is a lesbian coming-of-age story about how the secrets you hide can consume you.

Year: 2024

Director: Arabella Page Croft

Producer: Bjorn Hanson

Writer: Stef Smith

Cast: Jessica Hardwick, Hannah Jarrett-Scott, Gail Watson

Production Company: Black Camel Pictures

Funding: Float series 2 accessed £115,000.00 through Screen Scotland’s Broadcast Content Fund to support this vital drama from Glasgow-based production company Black Camel Pictures.


Black Camel Pictures' queer short-form drama from writer Stef Smith, revolving around the intense relationship that develops between lifeguards Jade (Hannah Jarrett-Scott) and Collette (Jessica Hardwick), was a BBC iPlayer hit in 2021, where it is due to return in the spring for BBC Scotland. It was also a critical success that won awards including a Royal Television Society Scotland writing prize.

Series 2 sees the pair reunited 18 months after the first series. The action moves beyond the swimming pool as Jade and Collette navigate life and love within the confines of a small Scottish town.


More information

Float series 2 will be screened at the Glasgow Film Festival on Monday 4 March 2024, before it hits TV screens later this year (2024).