Covid-19: Advice for returning to production

Guidance on working safely during COVID-19 in film and high-end TV drama production.

Current Restrictions

As per latest Scottish Government guidance, additional legal restrictions and guidance have been introduced to slow down transmission of the Omicron variant, keep as many businesses and services open as possible, and protect against pressure on health services. 

Find out more about the lastest retsructionsl on the Scottish Government website.

To stay safe and protect others we must minimise the opportunity for Coronavirus (COVID-19) to spread from one person to another.

Production Guidance

Scottish Government COVID-19 guidance should be followed at all times.

Published by the British Film Commission (BFC), the Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High-end TV Drama Production guidance is central to work by the British Film Institute (BFI) led COVID-19 Task Force, of which Screen Scotland is part, on screen sector recovery initiatives.

The Guidance has been developed to help the physical production industry to protect crew and cast by adopting a safe working environment and practices in light of COVID-19 related risks; and to be able to factor in to their current health and safety assessments how changes can be made in order to achieve this.

ScreenSkills has recently launched free online training, Coronavirus basic awareness on production, designed to support screen industry workers stay safe on productions in the context of Covid-19.

Screen Commission Enquiries

For enquiries relating to filming in Scotland, you can contact our Screen Commission via email at [email protected].

As most of our staff are working from home, contact details for our Screen Commission’s remote telephone numbers are listed below:

Caris Pittendreigh, Screen Commission Officer: +44 7967 823 599
Louise Harris, Screen Commission Officer: +44 7970 082 641