Cinema Equipment Fund

The Cinema Equipment Fund aims to increase access to cinema and encourage resilience for film exhibitors based in Scotland.

Fund closed

Film exhibition is vital to Scotland’s film culture, providing a unique and focused experience for audiences to engage with film. The Cinema Equipment Fund is for cinemas and venues to upgrade or install cinema screening equipment and aims to increase access to cinema and encourage resilience for film exhibitors based in Scotland.

This fund will support existing cinemas to upgrade first generation Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) compliant equipment, and support venues with advanced plans for film exhibition to install new equipment. The fund will also support community venues to upgrade or install film screening equipment (such as projector, screen, sound system and media player).

We will prioritise cinemas and film societies that focus on specialised film or are in areas of low cinema provision. We will offer two levels of award. For community venues, we anticipate award of up to £25,000 and for venues running DCI-compliant equipment, we anticipate awards being up to £100,000 to allow for installations in multiple auditoriums.

You can apply for a range of costs to cover the purchase and implementation of equipment specific to high quality film exhibition:

  • Replace or purchase new portable cinema kit (further details in Fund Guidance)
  • Upgrade, replace and/or purchase new DCI-Compliant cinema equipment, such as projectors or speaker systems (larger cinemas may apply for equipment for multiple auditoriums)
  • Replacement screens (in-situ)
  • Improve access to a wide range of content through satellite or broadband connection
  • Install or upgrade access equipment such as hearing induction loops or audio description equipment.

Who can apply?

Applications are closed

Applicants should deliver a regular programme of film exhibition in Scotland, or have a fully developed business plan and equipment plan for a new site of film exhibition. Screenings must be open to the public, and venues should have no more than 5 screens and be owned in Scotland.

We will accept applications from any constituted group offering a regular programme of film screenings. We recommend as a guide a minimum of one screening per calendar month (excluding summer breaks where applicable). We will consider applications from venues which don’t currently offer a regular film programme but are looking to incorporate regular film screenings into their public offer.

Application Process

This fund is currently closed. To be kept up to date with news about our funds, please follow us on Twitter.

Download the Cinema Equipment Fund Guidance (PDF, opens in a new window)

Download the Cinema Equipment Fund FAQs (Word, opens in a new window)

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Monitoring and Reporting

Email [email protected] for the Cinema Equipment Fund End of Project monitoring form