Film Festivals Fund

Funding to support film festivals and other projects which help bring diverse film programmes to audiences across Scotland.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying for this fund, please ensure you have read the guidelines and Funding Privacy Notice fully before you complete the application form.

Download the Film Festivals Fund Guidance (PDF, opens in a new window)

Download the Film Festivals Fund Guidance (Word, opens in a new window)

Download the Film Festivals Fund Application Form (Word, opens in a new window)

Download the Equalities Monitoring Form (Word, opens in a new window)

View the Funding Privacy Notice

Monitoring and Reporting

Download the Film Festivals Fund End of Project monitoring form (Word, opens in a new window)

The Film Festivals Fund aims to increase the range and diversity of films available to audiences in Scotland. Projects supported through this fund should help to promote cinemagoing and cinemas in Scotland, and to raise the profile of film, especially specialised film.

We will prioritise support for festivals that improve the diversity of film programmes and audiences, including socio-economic and geographic diversity as well as protected characteristics; and we will also prioritise support for projects that offer engagement with film in locations that have limited access to cinema.