Creative Europe

Creative Europe is the European Union's Programme to support the cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors.

From 2014 - 2020, Creative Europe has made available €1.46 billion in funding to support European projects with the potential to travel, reach new audiences and encourage skill sharing and development.

The Creative Europe Desk UK exists to help UK based applicants access this funding. It has a dedicated team in Scotland, based within Creative Scotland. The team promotes awareness and understanding of Creative Europe, organises workshops, seminars and industry events, and provides free advice and support for applicants.

Creative Europe's MEDIA sub-programme supports film, television, new media and video games, offering funding, training and networking opportunities for producers, video game developers, distributors, sales agents, audiovisual training providers, organisers of festivals, markets and networks, film education specialists and cinema exhibitors.

You can browse through Creative Europe’s MEDIA sub-programme funding opportunities here.

Further information

For any enquiries, contact Alberto Valverde on [email protected] +44 (0)141 302 0773.

You can also follow the team on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also get inspiration from other organisations’ funded projects, find out about other EU funding, look through recent funding results and learn about the latest news from Creative Europe. For regular updates on the MEDIA sub-programme, you can subscribe to a newsletter.