Screen Scotland is working to embed sustainable practices across Scotland's screen sector, helping to combat the impacts of climate change and empower a skilled and diverse local workforce.

Screen Sector Sustainability

Screen Scotland acknowledges the role of the screen sector in addressing the climate emergency and is dedicated to integrating sustainability practices into film and TV production in Scotland. This commitment involves supporting productions and practitioners in developing and implementing innovative approaches to their work.

This work was initially driven by Scott Donaldson, who retired as Head of Screen Education in 2021. He worked passionately to build a solid foundation for the organisation to support Scotland's film and TV industry in growing and developing into one of the most sustainable screen industry sectors in the world.

Screen Scotland operates within Creative Scotland, which published its Climate Emergency and Sustainability Plan in April 2022. This plan outlines a comprehensive set of actions that the organisation will undertake to achieve net zero in its operations by 2030. The plan was developed in collaboration with a project team led by Creative Carbon Scotland.

What is a sustainable screen sector?

A sustainable screen sector is one that operates in the most resource-efficient way possible and actively works to reduce its environmental impact throughout the value chain.

Additionally, a sustainable screen sector involves ensuring the availability of a skilled and diverse workforce to meet the demands of screen production and other related activities. It is important for these workers to feel empowered in their roles and receive continuous training throughout their careers. Therefore, the screen sector should be committed to providing training, development, and shadowing opportunities for local talent on productions.

Bect Practice Guide and Sustainability Checklist

The brand-new Sustainability Checklist and Best Practice Mini Guide are here to help you embed environmentally friendly practices within film and TV production in Scotland.

Our goal is to support productions and practitioners in developing and implementing innovative and sustainability-driven approaches to their work.

This document will be updated periodically to support inclusive growth of the industry and reflect the infrastructure that is available to the production sector in Scotland.

Download the Best Practice Guide and Checklist