Matt Hulse's Sound for the Future to premiere at LFF

Pinball Films and Aconite Productions present the World Premiere of Sound for the Future directed by Matt Hulse, at BFI London Film Festival on Saturday 10 October at 8.30pm.

The Hippies were a bizarre English punk band formed in '79 by the Hulse children, Toby (12), Matt (11) and Polly (8). Their cassette album 'A Sound for the Future' featured songs about disease, assassination and The Antarctic.

"Would you please stop sitting around in your pyjamas, eating toast and singeing your legs by the gas fire. Get up and do something creative!" (Ruth Pendragon, Mother and Manager)

The band performed ticketed live shows for their mother’s kindly but chaotic group of friends, part of the ramshackle 'Cambridge fringe element'. Their DIY approach and domestic sound still resonates with semi-ironic naive charm, echoing The Shaggs, or Daniel Johnston. The Hippies star shone briefly, before breaking up due to musical differences and possibly an argument over crisps.

The film is an energetic, jarring, comical musical ride through a part-remembered, kaleidoscopically fractured, family history, bringing both hope and resolution, built on a love of the DIY punk aesthetic. XTC, Sleaford Mods, Gang of Four, The Stranglers, Ought, Fred Champion and The Hippies all provide music to soundtrack the film. Sound for the Future features the last performance by the sadly departed Andy Gill of Gang of Four.

This film is presented by Pinball Films, Aconite Productions, Screen Scotland and Creative England. The film is an English - Scottish production, produced by Ashley Horner (Pinball Films) and Aimara Reques (Aconite Productions); executive produced by Mark Thomas (Screen Scotland) and Paul Ashton (Creative England).