Creative Media Network

Creative Media Network for film, broadcast and digital – meeting the future needs of the industry.

The Creative Media Network is a collaboration of Scotland’s colleges and universities which marks “new beginnings” in the relationship between creative media industries operating in film, broadcast and digital media and Scotland’s colleges and universities.

The network offers a learning and skills infrastructure and aims to ensure there is a continuing talent pipeline into Scotland’s screen, broadcast and digital industry.

The Creative Media Network works with industry to promote a mutual understanding of respective asks, needs and offers, ensuring that college and university staff members are able to access continuing professional development and that routes into the industry are understood and communicated.

The network will ensure more informed decisions by students - promoting the different pathways – “learner journeys” – that individuals can undertake to find about more about working in, and securing employment in, the creative media industries.

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Projects supported by Screen Scotland

Development Project for Film Educators in Scotland

In 2017 we gave Creative Media Network £44,000 to support a research and development project that would map the current network of film educators in Scotland, as well as looking at professional development opportunities on offer to them. Upon completion of the project, Creative Media Network aimed to present a comprehensive database of those involved in film education as well as improved networking opportunities and bespoke professional development training within the sector.