Screen Training Alliance

A partnership of industry based training providers with a strategic approach to the skills development of Scotland’s screen sector.

Providers of Scottish screen training have joined together to create a directory of resources for online courses and workshops.

Training Resources

BECTU Vision | Hit the Ground Running

Date: September - October 2021

A series of one day, online, intensive training courses which focus on entry level crew positions in film and television.

NFTS Scotland | Edit Producing Online

Date: 4th - 7th October 2021

Learn to edit unscripted and Specialist Factual TV

NFTS Scotland | Introduction to Drama Production Management Online

Date: 11th & 13th October 2021

Introducing the principles and practices of the work involved in film and television drama production management

NFTS Scotland | Script Editing Today Online 

Date: 11th - 22nd October 2021

Understand the script editing tools and skills needed in the industry today

BECTU Vision | What’s New in Vectorworks 2022

Date: Thursday 14 October 2021

Find out what’s in store for the new release of Vectorworks 2022.

NFTS Scotland | Screenwriting - Finding Your Voice 

Date: 15th October 2021 (Application Deadline)
Course starts: 11th January 2021

An individual ‘voice’ is the currency of the writer – it’s what shapes our work, makes it distinctive, and most importantly, makes it sell. In this five month Certificate Course, delivered primarily online, writers are encouraged to bring their point of view to the fore, mining their unique experience and passion.

NFTS Scotland | Introduction to Sound Design Online

Date: 15th, 22nd, 29th October, and 5th and 12th November

An introduction to the principles of sound editing for film and TV

BECTU Vision | Practical Accredited (Children’s) Regulations Training

Date: Saturday 16 October 2021

The City & Guild’s accredited course, covering best practice guidance for licensing and working with children in film & TV.

NFTS Scotland | Making the Successful Short Film

Date: 18th - 20th October 2021

Learn how to make shorts that audiences, festivals and distributors will love!

BECTU Vision | Practical Strategies for Tackling Bullying & Harassment

Date: Saturday 23 October 2021

How to identify and deal with bullying and harassment in film & TV.

NFTS Scotland | Developing Ideas for Factual TV Programmes Online

Date: 25th & 26th October 2021

Come up with eye-catching ideas for popular factual TV shows with network potential!

BECTU Vision | Sustainable Resilience for Film & TV Freelancers

Date: Thursday 28 October 2021

Understand and build sustainable resilience to enhance your creativity, productivity and wellbeing.

NFTS Scotland | The Ideas Lab: Developing & Pitching Skills Online 

Date: 28th & 29th October 2021

Got a great idea, but don’t know what to do with it?

NFTS Scotland | Running Your Own TV Production Company

Date: 1st - 2nd November 2021

Aims to help you set up business as a freelancer or as a small production company

NFTS Scotland | How to Write a Factual TV Proposal Online 

Date: 1st November 2021

Find out how to create a mouth-watering programme proposal for your show that a commissioning editor is going to want to read and ultimately want to commission!

NFTS Scotland | An Introduction to Adaptation Online 

Date: 1st - 12th November 2021

Over 10 days write the next hot adaptation with us!

NFTS Scotland | Developing and Pitching Drama Online

Date: 17th - 19th November 2021

Discover how to develop and pitch your drama proposals

NFTS Scotland | Interviewing Techniques Online

Date: 22nd November 2021

This online session will teach you how to get the very best out of your interviewees

NFTS Scotland: Low Budget Film Financing Online

Date: 2nd - 3rd December 2021

Aimed at newly emerging writers, directors and producers and anyone looking to fund a low budget drama or documentary feature film!

NFTS Scotland: Writing the TV Pilot Online

Date: 6th - 17th December 2021 and 6th - 17th June 2022

Write the next hot TV drama with us!