La Sagrada Familia (The Sacred Family)

A film by Borja Alcalde, exploring the human condition in an intimate story about love, conflict and life choices.

Director / Producer: Borja Alcalde Rubio

Exeutive. Producer: Adam Dawtrey

Editor: Colin Monie

Original Soundtrack: Juana Molina

Screen Scotland funding:  The film accessed £42,585 National Lottery and Scottish Government funding through Screen Scotland’s Film Production and Development Fund to support  Scottish filmmaker Borja Alcalde's distinctive first feature documentary.


In a quest to find balance between ancestral beliefs and urban life, Peruvian shamans Carmen and Sergio, and their three teenage kids, embark on a 1000-mile road trip in an old camper van deep into the Amazon jungle, where they used to live, hoping it will provide them with answers about how to live as a family in the modern world.

Seeking to reconnect with their lost paradise removed by technology and the happiness they yearn for, but with the van and their marriage on the verge of breakdown, will they reach their destination before everything falls apart?

Still from La Sagrada Familia, courtesy of Yanantin World.

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World Premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival 2022

Director's statement

"My vision is to take audiences on a visual and emotional journey, challenged by this family’s intimate exploration of life. The film will offer multiple perspectives on reality, from bird’s eye view to extreme close-up, reflecting the diversity of consciousness at the heart of the film’s themes. That diversity is also expressed in Peru’s breathtaking landscapes, from deserts and mountains to the Amazon rainforest. Shot from within the cramped intimacy of the camper van, the film will make viewers feel that they are on this journey with the family."

Borja Alcalde Rubio