The Black Veil

Bradley is a gender non-binary person looking for their place in the world. Can a quasi-religious, LGBTQ+ protest group help Bradley to find it?

Director: Ling Lee

Producer: Noe Mendele

Broadcaster: BBC Scotland


Bradley (them / they) has recently joined The Order of Perpetual Indulgence – an LGBTQ+ protest group who use religious imagery, drag, and activism to call attention to sexual intolerance. The group has provided Bradley with a supportive community and a social purpose. As someone who has struggled with their own gender identity for years, Bradley now identifies as non-binary, neither male or female – but is aware that this identity is not fully recognised by wider society or the state. Bradley now has two events approaching: their wedding to long-term partner, Emma, and their ordination as ‘Black Veil’ – the highest level within The Order of Perpetual Indulgence. Will these two events give Bradley the confidence to step out into the world as the authentic version of themself?

More information

The film was made as part of the Right Here scheme in partnership with BBC Scotland and the Scottish Documentary Institute.

The Black Veil will premiere on BBC Scotland on 2 August, 2021.

Header: Still of Bradley in The Black Veil, courtesy of the Scottish Documentary Institute.