Film Development and Production Fund Consultation

We are today publishing a Consultation on our Film Development and Production Fund to ask for feedback on proposed changes to the fund. This document is an important step in increasing the range of funding opportunities for the development and production of films from Scotland.

This does not apply to documentary and there will be a separate guidelines refresh for theatrical documentary film development and production.

The Film Development and Production Fund is a £4m annual fund that exists to offer development and production funding for feature length films being made by filmmakers based in Scotland.

This Consultation document outlines the current offer within the Film Development and Production Fund, alongside some proposed interventions we’re seeking your feedback on. In short, we plan to:

  • Get more first and second features made by Scotland-based talent
  • Invest in the ongoing and continuous development of filmmakers in Scotland
  • Be first to commit to projects where needed, and be strong advocates for supported filmmakers
  • Embed BFI Diversity Standards Scotland into our funded projects to ensure our industry is more representative and inclusive.

We would like to receive your feedback on these proposals, including any suggestions on how they could be enhanced, and any further ideas or suggestions for improvements that you feel could be made now or in the future.

Head to our Film Development and Production Fund Consultation webpage to download the full document and submit your feedback.

Please submit your responses by 9am on Tuesday, 21 December.

Media contact

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