A Cat Called Dom

An animator edits together pieces of a failed film for his mother.

Year: 2022

Directors: Will Anderson & Ainslie Henderson

Producer: Finlay Pretsell

Production Company: Parcel of Rogues

Executive Producers: Leslie Finlay, Tony Nellany, Sonja Henrici

Editor: Kieran Gosney

Music: Richard Luke

Screen Scotland funding:  The film accessed £37,500 National Lottery and Scottish Government funding through Screen Scotland’s Film Production and Development Fund to support this hybrid animated/documentrary from Scotland based production company Parcel of Rogues


When an animator's mother is first diagnosed with cancer he reaches out to her through the making of an animated documentary.

Over the course of several confusing years, struggling to raise finance and complicating everyone’s lives, the project stalls. Attempting to reclaim the initial sentiment of the film, and in the hope of finding closure for both him and his mum, Will edits together pieces of the failed film to share with her.

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World Premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival 2022

Header image: Still from A Cat Called Dom, courtesy of Parcel of Rogues