Crime is based on the best-selling 2008 novel by Irvine Welsh, and it’s the sequel to Filth which was previously adapted for film although it features a different detective.

Directors: David Blair, James Strong 

Writers: Irvine Welsh, Dean Cavanagh 

Executive Producer: Dean Cavanagh, James Strong, Pamela Hansson, Dougray Scott, Richard Tulk-Hart, Irvine Welsh, Tony Wood 

Producer: David Blair 

Cast: Joanna Vanderham, Dougray Scott, Jamie Sives, Angela Griffin, Michael Abubakar

Production company: Buccaneer Media, Off Grid Film + TV 

Broadcaster: Britbox 

Training: Crime created a number of key opportunities for Scotland-based crew including stepping up opportunities for existing experienced crew in key areas and cross over opportunities for skilled individuals from other artforms especially those from other creative industries who were still under strict lockdown shutdowns during the period the series was filmed. The production working with ScreenNETs, ScreenSkills and Screen Education Edinburgh also hired eight trainees across areas including: camera, costume, make-up, props, sound and floor running, providing vital routes to entry for those new to the industry.

Funding: Crime accessed £500,000 through Screen Scotland’s Broadcast Content Fund to enable the production to shoot entirely on location in Scotland, create vital stepping up opportunities for key Scottish crew and provide trainee opportunities for new entrants to the industry. The production also created value across the wider industry including post-production.


When an Edinburgh schoolgirl is abducted DI Ray Lennox, due to his own traumatic past, identifies strongly with the victim. He believes the murderer is the serial killer Mister Confectioner. But his bosses believe Confectioner is behind bars. Lennox's insistence that they have the wrong man puts him not just in conflict with his bosses, but also onto the radar of Confectioner himself. So the detective is drawn into a cat and mouse game with the killer.   

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Irvine Welsh’s Crime premieres on Thursday, November 18, on BritBox.

The six-part series will be available as a box set.

Header image: Courtesy of BritBox.