Falling into Place

A love story set in Scotland and London that follows romance between Kira and Ian, who met too briefly over a winter weekend while on the run from themselves.

Director: Aylin Tezel

Writer: Aylin Tezel

Producers: John McKay (Compact Pictures), Yvonne Wellie (Weydemann Bros)

Cast: Alexandra Dowling, Samuel Anderson, Chris Fulton

International Sales: Global Screen

Screen Scotland funding: The film accessed £230,000 through Screen Scotland’s Film Development and Production Fund to support this Scottish/Germany co-production to film in Glasgow, providing vital opportunities for Scottish crews and talent.


For a few seconds, they become aware of each other, forgetting the roar of the coach that will take them to a Scottish seaside town. Neither German Kira nor Scottish Ian know that this brief encounter will change their lives. Both are on the run – from their past as well as the reality of their present lives. When they meet a second time that night, a magical bond develops between the two strangers. But fate tears them apart again and they return to London, unaware that they live in the same city. Kira and Ian will have to face their own demons before they are ready to truly meet in the end.

Header image: Falling into Place still, credit: Compact Pictures and Weydemann Bros