Isabel’s Independence

Isabel, 58, has decided to start over by moving from Spain to Edinburgh. Her business collapsed, and she is now looking for independence, but that means leaving her husband behind.

Directors: Inma de Reyes, Nelisa Alcalde

Producer: Noe Mendelle


Isabel, 58, like many other Spaniards, migrated to Edinburgh looking for a new opportunity. After her business in Spain collapsed following years of financial crisis, she left her husband behind with one goal in mind: saving enough money to recover. However, she did not count on so many obstacles: Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic, her language barrier and a growing joint and muscle pain caused by her physical jobs.

She cleans in the mornings and delivers in the evenings, and when she gets home she has five hours to sleep. Isabel wants to be part of the Scottish culture, but how can she when she has no time to learn English, no time to socialise and when her body aches so much at the end of the day?

More information

The film was made as part of the Right Here scheme in partnership with Screen Scotland,  BBC Scotland and the Scottish Documentary Institute.
Isabel’s Independence will premiere on BBC Scotland on 18 August 2021at 8pm and will be avaible on BBC iPlayer shortly after broadcast.