Nobody Has To Know

After a stroke and no memories from his past, Phil encounters Millie who inhabits a desert part of Isle of Lewis. She will shortly entrust him with his deepest secret: they were in love.

Director:  Bouli Lanners

Co-director: Tim Mielants

Producer:  Jacques Henri Bronckart 

Co-producers: Ciara Barry, Rosie Crerar

Screenwriter: Bouli Lanners

Cast: Michelle Fairley, Bouli Lanners, Julian Glover, Cal MacAninch, Clovis Cornillac

Production Companies:  A Belgium - Scotland - France co-production between Versus Productions, barry crerar, Playtime and Prime Tim


Phil, a robust middle-aged man suffers a stroke, causing him to lose his memory. Millie, who takes care of him, tells him falsely that they were secretly in love before his accident.

More Information

Screen Scotland Funding: The film accessed £400,000 through Screen Scotland’s Film Development and Production Fund to support this Scottish-French-Belgian co-production and barrycrerar’s first international co-production which presented significant development opportunity for barrycrerar and Scotland-based talent and crew.

Filming Location: Lewis

World premiere: Toronto International Film Festival 2021