Scotland: My Life in the Wild

Wildlife cameraman Hamza Yassin captures beautiful footage of incredible animal behaviour on one of the most spectacular locations on the planet - Scotland's Ardnamurchan peninsula

Year: 2020

Presenter: Hamza Yassin  

Head of Production: Rosie Riding

Senior Production Co-ordinator: Kirsty McLean

Production Assistant: Marie-Claire Farmer

Editors: Simon Hamilton, James Gellately

Executive Producer: Wendy Rattray  

Filmed, Produced and Directed by Morag Tinto  

Aerial Photography: James Shooter

Dubbing Mixer: Adam Wood

Colourist: Ben Mullen

Online Editor: David Leishman

Legal & Business Affairs: John Villeneau


The Ardnamurchan peninsula on the west coast of Scotland is one of the most spectacular wildlife locations on the planet. We follow wildlife cameraman Hamza Yassin as he endeavours to capture iconic species like red deer, pine martens, white tailed sea eagles and puffins that live on his doorstep. He earns his living by filming and selling beautiful footage of incredible animal behaviour. 

Throughout the course of one summer when the natural world is in full glory, Hamza must try to film as much as he can to enable him to survive the coming year. 

Presenter Hamza Yassin looking at a bird resting on his arm.

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The documentary is now available to stream on All 4.

Header image: Courtesy of Hello Halo Productions