Roots & Fruits

The ultimate five (minutes) a day, starring fruit and veg performing and revealing fascinating facts about themselves in the most nutritious variety show around.

Year: 2022

Genre: Children’s, Animation

Director: Micky MacPherson

Writer: Bar Ben-Yossef (Head Writer)

Producers: Tina Foster

Executive Producers:  Micky MacPherson

Animation/VFX: Interference Pattern / Danny Carr

Cast: Laura Main, Joe Pasquale, Gavin Mitchell, Bex Wood, Paul Tylak, Amalia Vitale, Daniel Stubbs-Benbow

Screen Scotland funding: Roots & Fruits accessed £160,000 through Screen Scotland’s Broadcast Content Fund to support this innovative format, which has created opportunities for an incredibly high-quality creative team right across the production and further showcases Scotland’s world-class animation and production sectors.


After reaching out to every corner of the globe in search of the finest, greatest, most talented crops out there, Plum Films is proud to present your ultimate 5 (minutes) a day - Roots & Fruits!

A sensational animated musical variety show, featuring a different guest fruit or veggie in each episode, alongside a magnificent permanent cast - including your wonderful host, Pak Choi, the ever-so-enthusiastic backstage correspondent Kiwi, and the best floor-manager in town, Chicory!

Join us on a delicious and nutritious spectacle, as we get exclusive interviews with our natural born superstars, discover amazing facts, and experience unforgettable performances live on stage.

Still from toed and fruits. Animations of an organ, a leak and a turnip with eyes and mouths.Still from Roots & Fruits, courtesy of Plum Films

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Release: Roots & Fruits will launch on Cbeebies on Monday 24 Oct 2022 with episodes going out weekdays at 1045am. The series will also be available on the iPlayer.