Animation Sector Review

The first comprehensive review of the Animation Sector in Scotland.

Published in March 2017 as the first comprehensive review of the Animation Sector in Scotland, this independent study was commissioned by Creative Scotland and carried out by BOP Consulting.

The Review draws on evidence gathered from individuals and organisations working across Scotland’s Animation Sector. It describes the people, places, resources and relationships that underpin the sector’s achievements as well as identifying some of the challenges that lie ahead, and ideas for future development.

This Review is informed by Creative Scotland’s Film Sector Review published in January 2014 and the 2014-2017 Creative Scotland Film Strategy, published in October 2014. Both call for closer engagement with the animation sector and the need to develop support for animation productions and encourage collaboration within the sector to further develop Scotland’s wider screen sector.

Image: Nothing to Declare courtesy of the Scottish Film Talent Network (SFTN), Studio Temba, Once Were Farmers and Interference Pattern

Animation Sector Review - Download the Report (PDF, opens in a new window)