Equality Matters

Equality Matters is the first comprehensive Review of Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion within Scotland’s Screen Sector to be published.

Published on Tuesday 31 January 2017, Equality Matters draws on evidence gathered from individuals and organisations working in film and TV in Scotland set against a backdrop of national and international research and policy.

The Review highlights evidence of the numerous and complex barriers to access, progression and representation both on and off-screen which exist at many levels in Scotland’s Screen Sector including economic limitations, geography and gender. The Review also incorporates a series of recommendations for positive and collaborative action to support a more inclusive and representative Screen Sector in Scotland.

The Review was preceded by a Screen EDI Practitioner Survey that received more than 500 responses from Scotland's Screen Practitioners and the publication of a Survey report in June 2016.

Download the Equality Matters - Review of Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion in Scotland's Screen Sector (PDF, opens in a new window)