Screen Scotland Business Plan

The Business Plan outlines the range of work currently underway and our plan for 2019/20.

Screen Scotland was launched on 21 August 2018. This represented a landmark moment for the screen industry who had lobbied for its creation and for Scottish Ministers who led the vision to create a new screen unit within Creative Scotland. The Scottish Government has increased public funding for screen through Creative Scotland, and provided a clear set of ambitions to grow Scotland’s film and television sectors.

In 2018/19, the first short year of its life, Screen Scotland has already produced clear results, following the blueprint drawn up by the partners in December 2017: the Screen Unit Collaborative Proposal.

The Screen Scotland Business Plan outlines the range of work currently underway, our plan for 2019/20 and how we are delivering against the 12 Actions of the Collaborative Proposal.

In 2019/20, as a partnership we will be reviewing and refining strategies for each of the delivery activity areas in this Plan, making sure that our time and resources are being spent in the most effective way.

Download the Screen Scotland Business Plan in PDF format.