New economic value of the Scottish screen sector survey is live

Screen Scotland has – for the first time – commissioned a full-scale economic impact study to assess the value of the Scottish screen sector, its sub-sectors and activities, and linkages to and influences on wider economic activity across Scotland as a whole and within its geographical regions.  

See our previous news release to find out more about the study and why Screen Scotland are commissioning.

To help gather evidence for this work our consultants, Saffery Champness and Nordicity, have created an online survey for you to complete. The survey asks you to share data on your TV, feature film, documentary, animation and other screen production activity in Scotland in 2019.

This survey is specifically estimating the value of production activity in Scotland. The full research study will assess the full-scale value of Scotland's screen sector, including the exhibition, skills, freelance and education sectors.

The survey information is completely confidential and will appear in aggregate form only in the final report. Any discreet financial data will only be held by Saffery Champness and Nordicity in accordance with the data privacy statement, and not shared with Screen Scotland.

Complete the survey:


If you have any questions about the online survey, please contact: 

Ana Moraes, Screen Research Officer ([email protected])

Dustin Chodorowicz at Nordicity ([email protected] / 0203 950 1273).