Less is More Scotland Residency

Less is More is one of Europe’s leading writer and project development programmes and Screen Scotland is offering the chance for 8 to 10 writers to take part in a LiM residency online from Sunday 21 November to Friday 26 November.

*Please note, the deadline for applications has now been extended until 1 November at 12 noon.

About Less is More

Less is More (LiM) was set up to empower a generation of filmmakers intent on opening new avenues by tackling new issues.

LiM help writers turn creative limitations in to opportunities for innovation. Developed with low-budget feature production in mind, but open to all, LiM supports writers to create successful scripts with limited characters, locations and crew by digging deeper into emotion, structure, themes and the power of the script’s story. LiM embrace limitations as a catalyst for exciting film experiences and in doing so, bring out a filmmaker’s unique imprint, enabling their work to stand out.

Less is More is a programme of Le Groupe Ouest who have been developing writers for over 15 years. Notable projects developed through Le Groupe Ouest workshops include Cannes Camera d’Or winning Divines, Locarno Golden Leopard winning Godless and Cesar Award-winning The Innocents. In 2021, projects developed through LiM include Nathalie Biancheri’s Wolf, premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, and Alina Grigore’s Blue Moon, which won the Golden Shell at San Sebastian. 

What will the Less is More Scotland Residency involve?

LiM will be running a week-long residency led throughout by two international script consultants. 

This programme will focus on ‘pre-writing.' This is the idea that the more that can be explored and determined prior to the writing process beginning, the more successful a first draft will be.

The aim of the workshop is to help the participants get into research mode, explore and generate new ideas so as to play with the possibilities of the starting point.

The initial goal of this workshop is to use a deeper understanding of how the brain works during its creative phases when ideas emerge, and how ideas implement themselves in order to gain consistency.

The workshop will focus on theatrical feature film projects and is suitable for writers, writer/directors and creative producers. Writers from outside film writing are open to apply including novelists and playwrights.

Who is this residency aimed at?

This programme aims primarily to help develop new writers who may have written shorts, short content for television or potentially a microbudget feature but are looking to move in to feature film writing. However, the LiM methodologies are valuable to anyone working at any level so more experienced writers are also encouraged to apply.

The residency is open to anyone based in Scotland.

When and where will the residency take place?

This year's LiM residency will take place online from the evening of Sunday 21 November to Friday 26 November.

The workshop is free to attend and selected residency attendees will need to be fully available and dedicated to the online workshop all week long.

How to Apply

To apply for the LiM Scotland Residency we require the following information:

  • a one-page project outline or an idea (the project cannot have been developed further)
  • a one-page motivation letter explaining why you want to attend
  • link to previous work (if relevant)

Alternatively, you can record a 4-minute video explaining your outline and motivation.

Please send your submissions to [email protected] with the subject header: "LiM Scotland Residency Application."

The deadline to apply is 1 November, 12 noon.