Call for delivery partner to work on new Screen Scotland development programme

This call is for a delivery partner to manage a new two-year development scheme for Scotland-based emerging film producers working with scripted projects.

Purpose and content of the programme

This is a significant new programme, funded by Screen Scotland, to embolden the future generation of Scottish creative producers. It will comprise a funding award alongside a bespoke learning/development scheme. 

The delivery partner

The partner should have a proven track record of delivering successful film talent development and training projects. They will be expected to manage the application selection, develop, deliver and provide reporting on the programme. We would expect a dedicated course leader to be recruited as part of the delivery model.

The partner will work closely with Screen Scotland and recognise that this programme forms part of a coherent talent development strategy. We expect the programme to be designed in order to reach applicants from across Scotland including under-represented groups.   

We welcome applications from providers who have a proven track record of delivering successful film talent development and training projects.  

The successful applicant may be a single organisation, or a partnership between more than one organisation. The delivery model should be designed to operate for at least 2 years with regular reporting and evaluation.  

If a new partnership is formed for the delivery of this programme, we will be evaluating the experience of the individuals involved rather than the track record of any newly created organisation. Although we expect the course content developers to be on board at the point of application, it will be possible to recruit the course leader later.  

In order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, film production companies will not be eligible. 

Whilst we will welcome input from the delivery partner, the overall shape and structure of the programme has already been developed in draft form and this will be shared with parties expressing interest. Screen Scotland would like to see the scheme begin to deliver in Summer 2023. This should include opening for applications and appointing the course Leader.  

Skills and experience required

We are looking to select a delivery partner or partnership that can demonstrate the following: 

  • Track record of creative leadership in the film industry   

  • Expertise in training and development 

  • Significant knowledge of current market trends 

  • Significant knowledge and experience of Scottish filmmaking past and present 

  • Understanding of current and past talent development in Scotland 

  • Understanding of current film industry demographics and routes to diversifying the industry  

  • The staff infrastructure to administer a scheme of this scale, including to support the employment of programme staff, finance administration - including payments to awardees, the provision of legal and business affairs, etc.  

  • Demonstrable existing positive partnerships or relationships within the UK and international film industry 

  • Experience or knowledge of grant-making and grant management 

  • Demonstrable understanding of and commitment to EDI 

The budget for the programme

A maximum budget of £250,000 per annum is available for this programme, to include funding awards, programme cost, and management. We will accept applications that are 100% funded through this budget, however your application will be strengthened by evidence of other funding.  

We will aim to fund the project over a two-year term (totalling a maximum of £500,000). However, confirmation of the second year of funding will be subject to: 

  • satisfactory delivery of the programme by the partner during the preceding period;  

  • continued satisfactory operation of the delivery partner; and 

  • the continued availability to Screen Scotland of funding at current levels

How to apply

In this first stage, Screen Scotland are accepting expressions of interest for the delivery of the project. We will send a full information pack, including details of the draft programme structure, to all eligible parties who send an expression of interest. 

Your expression of interest should include the following:

  • a brief description of your organisation with relevant experience (no more than 300 words)

 We will require a full proposal in response to the information pack.  

Please email the expression of interest to [email protected] by Monday 27 February

We encourage you to submit your expression of interest as early as possible as information packs will be sent out to eligible applicants from Tuesday 21 February. The earlier you receive your information pack, the longer you will have to work on your proposal.

Key dates

Thursday 16 February – Call for Expressions of Interest 

Tuesday 21 February – Information Packs start to be sent out to eligible applicants

Monday 27 February – Final Deadline for Expressions of Interest 

Tuesday 14 March at 11am – Deadline for Proposals  

The new programme should aim to start in April 2023.  

We will hold a virtual ‘town hall’ session on Monday 27 February. This will be a chance to ask questions about the opportunity once the information pack has been sent out.   

Data protection

Creative Scotland (CS) requires some personal information about you / your organisation to consider your application. Without this information CS will be unable to process your application.   

If you would like to see a breakdown of the personal information CS requires, why it is required, what CS does with that information and how long CS keeps it, please refer to CS’s Privacy Notice available online      

CS may share your personal information with third parties to comply with the law and / or for the legitimate interests of CS and / or the third parties concerned.  

Where the personal information you have provided to CS belongs to other individual(s), please refer to CS’s Privacy Notice. Please ensure you share this Privacy Statement and CS’s Privacy Notice with the respective individual(s). 

You have some rights in relation to the personal information that CS holds about you under data protection law. Information on how to exercise these rights is contained in CS’s Privacy Notice.

If you have any concerns with how CS has processed your personal information, you should contact CS’s Data Protection Officer in the first instance, as CS would welcome the opportunity to work with you to resolve any complaint. If you are still dissatisfied, you can submit a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office

Help, further advice, or feedback

If you require support, further information or have any general enquiries about the process please contact our Enquiries Service.  

Our Enquiries Service will be able to advise you or will put you in contact with one of our officers. 

Email: [email protected] 

Web: You can send us a message via the Creative Scotland website 

Twitter: Get in touch @screenscots 

If you are a D/deaf BSL user, you can access our services with the Contact Scotland-BSL programme. Go to: for more information.