The National Wallace Monument

Find out more about the impact of film and TV on tourism in Scotland.

The Economic Value of Value of the Screen Sector in Scotland report shows that screen tourism contributed £55million to the Scottish economy in 2019. Tourists from around the world come to visit locations from their favourite films and experience traditional or authentic Scottish experiences and The National Wallace Monument, just outside Stirling, has felt the benefit of this increasing trend.

While Braveheart (1995) remains a strong driver for the Monument, newer TV series like Outlander have massively increased footfall to surrounding areas and local attractions with Stirling featuring as a location in many high-profile productions including; Outlaw King (2018) and nearby Blairdrummond Safari Park featuring in What We Did On Our Holiday (2014) starring Billy Connolly.

Research conducted for the 20th anniversary of the Braveheart found that:  

  • Prior to the launch of the film, annual visitor numbers to the Monument were in the region of 80,000 per annum. By 1998 they reached a record figure of 184,265.  
  • For the 10-year period from 1996 to 2005 the average annual number of visitors to the Monument was 135,000, and it has subsequently remained above the 100,000 level over subsequent years.   
  • In a survey conducted at the Monument in 2011 the film was identified by 38% of all visitors as the principal motivation for making their visit.
  • Value to the Monument: £5.9m (@ (est.) £6.50 average spend per visitor)
  • Estimated Value to Stirling (906,500 visitors)
  • 40% Visitors Staying Overnight: 362,600 (Spend: £15,747,000)  
  • Day Visitors: 543,900 (60%) (Spend: £9.6m) 
  • Estimated (Average) Spend Per Visitor (Day Visitors) £17.57
  • Estimated (Average) Spend Per Visitor (Overnight Visitors) £43.50