Screen Scotland Showreel 2023

Our new showreel for 2023

Ours new showreel showcases the many films and HETV to be made in Scotland across scripted, unscripted, live-action and animation.

The productions featured have benefited from Scotland's world-class crew, studio facilities and locations.

Screen Scotland drives development of all aspects of Scotland’s film and tv industry, through funding and strategic support.

Production credits

GIRL, barry crerar

Mayflies, Synchronicity Films

The Rig, Amazon Studios / Wild Mercury Productions

Aftersun, PASTEL / Unified Theory Productions

Crime, Buccaneer Media / Off Grid Film + TV

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, National Theatre of Scotland / Selkie Productions

Winners, Sylph Productions / Edge City Films

Hong Kong Mixtape, Tigerlily Productions

Off the Rails, Faction North

Silent Roar, Young Films

Ride the Wave, Urbancroft Films

Aquarela, Aconite Productions

Merkel, Passion Pictures / Odd Girl Out Productions / Sonja Henrici Creates / Real Lava

Is There Anybody Out There?, Hot Property Films / Tigerlily Two

Electric Malady, Aconite Productions

My Old School, Hopscotch Films

Roots and Fruits, Plum Films

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates, TG Entertainment

The Origin, Escape Plan / Selkie Productions

The Outrun, Brock Media / Arcade Pictures

The Story of Looking, BofA Productions

Vigil, World Productions